“I’ve always wanted to do some boxing but walking into a boxing gym is just too intimidating”

Lions boxing and fitness offers the general public, that is ‘regular people’ the opportunity to train in a professional boxing gym.

We bridge the gap between the aerobic boxing classes held at the large corporately owned gyms, and the smaller, often less friendly, boxing focused gyms. Aerobic boxing classes often provide a good level of fitness but with poor technical input. Boxing specific gyms often provide good level technical input but are less clean and less welcoming to the general public.

We bridge this gap by providing outstanding technical input within a clean, superbly equipped, welcoming and friendly atmosphere every day of the week.

Classes are open to everyone from 14 to 114 years of age. No experience is necessary and you don’t need to book – just turn up ten minutes before the session time and be prepared to enjoy some fantastic training.